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Reiki ~ let’s go a little deeper

Reiki can help you heal holistically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It’s not just a modality to treat the physical symptoms, instead allowing energy to filter into all aspects of our lives.

Reiki speaks to the minute, immeasurable connection that energy provides within and to all things. Every person, every single thing, every thought, feeling, experience is connected through energy and it is this energy that is harnessed through the use of reiki.

Reiki works to restore a healthy flow of energy where it needs to go. You will hear reiki practitioners talking about working intuitively. When you become attuned to the energy not just of your client, but also all that exists around them, you can direct that healing, soothing, restorative energy where it needs to go.

As living beings we have both a physical body and a energetic body, which links the mind and spirit to the body. These are bound together by energy centres. Within reiki there were originally three tanden in the body

  • Eye tanden – Heaven: divinity, mind, creativity
  • Heart tanden – Oneness: connection, bliss, balance
  • Hara: Foundation: Physicality, health, material

As reiki developed, it started to incorporate the 7 chakras of Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. Chakras align to the endocrine system and direct energy around the meridians (around 72,000!). Many therapies use these energy centres to provide healing and relief to clients.

Does Reiki heal?

Good question! The word healing means to take all parts of the self (hidden or seen) and to become whole.

To ask whether reiki heals in a quick fix manner is doing much of what many people do when seeking quick fixes to issues that require a heavier hand! Hollistic, complementary therapies help individuals to heal and to gain respite to illness and suffering starting at the energetic root cause. It is often not a quick fix, although that is not the case for everyone! Most people who start of their reiki journey will define their life as ‘before reiki’ and ‘after reiki’ – me included!

Many cultures around the work, including our own have traditionally understood the mind-body-spirit connection and treated themselves and others with natural medicine such as plant medicine, sound therapy, palm healing and energetic work. Reiki allows us to realign with the highest, finest vibrational frequency in our universe.

How does reiki work?

Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to self-heal. It brings on a detoxification process body, mind and spirit.

Reiki brings on lasting change and there is scientific proof of this on the effects of Reiki on water.

Reiki as a therapy on its own is content free – meaning that you can come and experience the benefits of reiki within your life without needing to talk about anything. You can just be held in a safe container and allow reiki to work its magick.

It is also a complementary therapy to many others such as psychotherapy, chemotherapy, physiotherapy and many others.

Is Reiki just for humans?

No! Reiki can be used for all sorts of things – spaces, animals, situations, protection, inanimate objects and plants!

I can attest to the fact that my cat Maggie, absolutely LOVES reiki and with one of my clients, her cat likes to come and join her on the bed!

If you would like reiki to be conducted on an animal, in your home or for a situation then just let me know.

Where do the reiki sessions happen?

Sessions can be conducted online, in person lying down, in person sitting up or in a residential home depending on your mobility, schedule and availability.

There is absolutely no difference whether the session is conducted in person or online. In fact, some of my most powerful sessions have been conducted online as you have the opportunity to relax in your own space.

All in-person sessions will be conducted in my home in Herefordshire. There are two small steps to access the property and one flight of stairs. I have two dogs and a cat at home also, although obviously they will not be joining you!

What happens in my reiki session?

Each session is 60 minutes in length

You will come into our session, I will explain what will take place and then you will lie/sit down while i make the space around you sacred*.

The reiki session will last for 50 minutes and then you will have 10 minutes at the end to rest on the bed/chair and for us to share anything you wish.

What might i feel during my reiki session?

This is often the funny thing about reiki, in that, you may feel like the practitioner isn’t doing very much, but the effects on the body and mind are really something to behold!

During the session you may feel very warm, lightheaded, light in being, tingly, you may see visions, colours, you may experience discomfort as the practitioner works on an area of need.

However, as with any healing, sometimes we can feel worse before we feel better! You may feel heightened emotions wanting to laugh or cry, you may yawn a lot and your tummy may gurgle!

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) state that there are no contraindications of Reiki, so whatever you may feel, trust and know that whatever is happening is for your absolutely benefit and no harm will come to you as a result of your treatment.

How much do you charge?

Online reiki – 50 minute session ~ £35

Block of 4 sessions ~ £126 (includes 10% discount)

In-person reiki – 60 minute session ~ £45

Block of 4 sessions ~ £162 (includes 10% discount)

In-person reiki, residential ~ 60 minute session ~ £50 (includes travel)

Group reiki – 60 minutes ~ £15 per person

Individual events – POR

Why do you charge your prices?

There are a lot of practitioners and coaches out there right now! Soooo many infact. It’s hard to differentiate between them, let along decide who on earth to work with. However, here are some things that i think really set me apart.

  1. I am fully qualified by reputable organisations in ALL services that i offer
  2. I am fully regulated by professional bodies that ensure that my service is the best and that you are safe, well and being offered what you should!
  3. I work with individuals, and as such, every session is developed with you in mind – no two clients will ever have the same
  4. I offer a premium service – from the quality of my work, to the quality of the material you receive

If you would like to work with me and you feel these prices are out of your reach, contact me, let’s work something out.

  • Find out about my qualifications
  • Find out what professional bodies i belong to
  • Find out about my experience/expertise

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