Ovarian practice – how to harness your fire and get creative!

Did you know how powerful your ovaries are? Your womb space in general actually??

Womb space practice

The womb space for womxn is a sacred space that holds the divinity of the Universe in our bodies. No matter what your womb looks like, whether physical or not – you can honour this space within your body and cultivate a practice to evoke creation, power and sexual liberation through this sacred place in your body.

Throughout the thousands of years since the ancient civilisations, particularly since the cultivation of the patriarchal society that we now live in (although, this of course is changing, slowly, slowly) the power of the woman’s body has been disregarded and even criminalised in recent times; especially when we look at the sexual sanctification of our bodies through our womb space practices.

However, as i mention above, the rise of the divine feminine has been caught on the tides of time and we now find ourselves in a place where the beauty of the feminine body, the power, the balance and the divine union of the masculine and feminine within us is becoming more important to us as we awaken into this Golden Age of Miracles. It is through this balance, this divine union that we can really harness our unique, divine power that was gifted when the Universe sought to create us within this time and place.

Union of the divine masculine and feminine

No matter what civilisation we look at pre-Christianity, pre-patriarchal societies, we see in all religions, belief systems, society structures, an emphasis on the union and divine balance of masculine and feminine. However, when colonialisation happened and Christianity/Judaism/Islam became the religions of note, the feminine was banished into the shadows. It was just not on that the feminine was revered in the way that it was; certainly the sexual liberation, the worship of the sexualised nature of our bodies in temples and chambers was seen, when the Ancient Civilisations and their Gods and Goddesses were disbanded and shamed, as against the way ‘things should be’. So, bit, by bit, we started a culture of shaming women’s bodies, building up the male fragile ego and the power and destruction of cultures and our beautiful planet.

It is why feminists and recent society talk so much about patriarchal societal challenges – we want to re-gain the balance of feminine and masculine energy through the reclaiming of the divine feminine, the power and role of women in society. Never one over the other, just a balance – so get out of your head that whenever anyone talks about feminism or the rise of the divine feminine – it’s never to overshadow, it’s not our way, instead it is a purposeful, beautiful, nurturing process of finding that balance in and around ourselves. It is in this sacred union of energy in society, within our bodies, our minds, our spirits that we find energetic bursts towards soul purpose, divine creation, artistic expression, power of the Sacred Womxn and a society that is balanced and productive.

So why in our practice should we focus on the womb?

Our pelvic bowl, our womb and our ovaries are the places in our body where we can connect most deeply to our deep feminine power because it is here in the womb and pelvic bowl that we can return home to ourselves, to find rest and renew our energy. The womb and our pelvic bowl is where we can cultivate the fire of our unique connection to the Universe/Source. Once the sacred fire is lit in our belly and in our womb, this power-giving energy will power our connect to Self, to our Soul Purpose and our devotion to our bodies and life.

It is important too to note that in the midst of our sexual and sometimes platonic relationships, when we are being triggered by our Shadows, our wounds or our pain, it is in the womb space that we can find a freedom from all our past patterns of behaviour and thoughts. We do this through the cultivation of our sacred femininity and masculinty – where we seek balance of our energy to find emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  

Our womb is the place we return to when we are tired, wounded, stressed, or in pain. It is here, where we are truly safe. It is, when we are ready, where we can surrender into the fires of transformational grace. The womb and our sacred divinity is our gateway to rebirth; where we begin a journey to understanding that power does not exist outside us in the form of anyone’s words or actions or belief systems; instead it is within us… it always has been.

We begin this journey within our womb space when we are truly ready to dissolve the false identities of the Self (ego), with all its fears and limiting beliefs/actions/thoughts/deeds and we can be rebirthed into the pure creative, authentic potential of our souls.

How can I do this work if I don’t have female genitalia/ it isn’t active or I only have part of my genitalia?

I just want to pop in here for a second and talk about how to harness the power of your divinity by doing womb work and ovarian work if you do not have, only have part of your female genitalia or your womb space is inactive.

We live in a complex world and I want to ensure that everyone feels included here – I also realise that there is literally F all information out there to help the trans, non-binary community who may not have or may not identify with their genitalia, those with medical conditions or in menopause to find out how to use energetic practices.

What I spend most of my time talking about through my work is energy. Energy is present in our bodies, no matter what shape, size, sex, gender, age.. whatever! We also have a mixture of feminine and masculine energy in our bodies no matter what. We will function at our absolute best when we find a natural balance (for ourselves!) of energy within us.

So – with this work, if you are ready to birth a concept, a child, an idea, a business, a new version of you then you can spend this time visualising. You do NOT need a womb in order to do this work – you can literally just use the energetics of the practice to help steer you into manifesting what you want in your life.

The energy no matter how you identify, what seems to be working or not will still be present and active and usable!

If you would like any help, please do get in touch!

I will do some writing and work on womb practices at a later stage especially for the trans/non-binary community and those who have inactive or absent womb spaces, so keep your eyes peeled. But for now…

Let’s talk ovaries

As i mentioned yesterday in my IG post, the ovaries hold so much power for us as womxn and once we learn how to harness this power then we can achieve and create so much for ourselves.

Ovarian energy is the energetic fire of creation for a womxn. They hold the energetic source of life used to create and birth a child as well as the energetic source of life to create and birth our creative projects into the world. They, regardless of what we are trying to create for ourselves store the potential of our creativity and vision and once we learn how to balance the energy here, draw more energy into these buds of creative life-force and then step into our worth, these visions can become a reality.

The right and left ovary hold different qualities of energy; the left holds our feminine receptive nature and the right our projective, creative energy (the more masculine energy of getting shit done and bringing our manifestations to life!). What is completely amazing about the ovaries, is that typically womxn are born with all of the eggs that they will ever have during their lifetime, as opposed to men who replenish their sperm daily. So when your mother was being created inside her mother, you were right there with her too! How insane is that! Which, leads me very nicely onto my next point.

Why is ovarian energetic work so important?

As you see above, one of the main issues that we have to deal with in our current form is that we are the product of our ancestors and when I saw ancestors I mean like centuries old ancestors – not to mention that of past lives and other universal forms. But anyway, that’s for another time!

But in terms of ancestral trauma – think about it, you were born from your mother, who conceived you in egg form when she was created in your grandmother, who was conceived in her mother (your great-grandmother) who was created…. You get the idea. Trauma, living with stress can physically change your DNA, therefore, if your mother and her mother and her mother and her mother didn’t deal with their shit, then you are at this exact moment dealing with their shit on top of your own; and where does that trauma sit? Yep, you guessed it – in your womb space.

Here are some other benefits of clearing your womb space!

  • Clearing trauma
    • Ancestral
    • Sexual
    • Creative
  • Create a healthy and productive body
  • Manifest creation in our lives
  • Call in and create a child
  • Nurturing energy – for ourselves or from others
  • Radiance – pure unadulterated radiance
  • Confidence
  • Power
  • Energetic balance

So, as you can see, there is a lot of benefits from working with your ovaries!

Your right and left ovary

Right ovary

Your right ovary is the centre of your feminine receptivity. By enhancing the energy that we cultivate in this ovary, we are able to receive our divine radiance, our feminine essence and nurturing energy.

When this ovary is working well, we:
  • Feel radiant
  • Are able to nurture ourselves
  • Are able to nurture others
  • Receive the seed of the male to sustain a child
What happens when this ovary is blocked or absent?
  • You are letting others take your femininity away from you
  • You may receive unwanted sexual advances
  • You are letting your power ebb away from you
  • You will feel uncreative and worn out
  • You are tired, lethargic and uninspired
What happens when this ovary is overactive?
  • You are giving too much of yourself away
  • You are nurturing others to the detriment of yourself
  • You may also be receiving too much from someone
  • You do not have healthy boundaries when it comes to your relationships
  • People are stealing your divine energy and using it for themselves!

Left ovary

Your left ovary is the power of a womxn’s creative fire. It is how we express and manifest our passions, our creativity, our soul work; it is how we bring to life how we express our Self.

When this ovary is working well, we:
  • Feel powerful and strong
  • Are able to manifest our creative ideas
  • We feel courageous in what we want to manifest
  • We are bold and we can gather all the things we need within and external to us to create our dreams
What happens when this ovary is blocked or absent?
  • We undervalue our gifts, skills and magick
  • We do not make space for our gifts to materialise
  • We do not recognise our contribution
  • Our self-worth is lacking
  • We are working in a job that does not suit our soul purpose – perhaps for validation from our parents/friends/community who do not recognise our soul desires as being valid
  • We are not exhibiting our true Self
  • You fear being seen for all that you are
What happens when this ovary is overactive?
  • You may be taking on too much
  • You are not taking time for yourself – stuck on the doing, doing, doing treadmill
  • You disregard your own needs for the needs of others
  • You don’t recognise your contribution to your life and therefore end up doing more, more, more to seek validation outside of yourself  

How can we work with our ovaries?

I put a really simple, gentle practice on my IG page yesterday, which can start the process of identifying our energy in this part of our bodies. Here it is again for reference…

🌺Take time to settle into a meditative state

🌺Place your hands in a triangle over your womb space (thumbs together at the top of your pelvis and fingers at a point touching your pubic bone)

🌺allow yourself breath and focus draw energy into your sacred womb space (whether you have a womb or not)

🌺envisage you’re sacred bowl placed within your pelvis – visualise a bowl in this space, what does it look like? What colour is it? What does it feel like? Is it light or dark? Discoloured in places? Warm or perhaps in cold in places? Take time to draw attention and visualise through your breath cleansing this sacred space

🌺 now that you have taken time to cleanse your womb space, I now want you to place both hands on the left hand side of your womb space – over your left ovary

🌺take time to feel energy here – how does it feel? Warm or cold? Vibrant or dull? Numb or filled with energy?

🌸our left ovary is where we receive feminine energy, our feminine radiance, we cultivate our feminine energy here for our own vibrancy and life force

🌸if your ovary feels dull or numb or perhaps overactive – ask yourself where you’re giving away too much energy? Or are you receiving too much of someone’s energy in your life?

🌺now focus on the right ovary and repeat the process

🌸 the right ovary is to do with creativity and how we express and manifest our energy to complete our soul purpose

🌸if it is dull or numb or perhaps over active – where are you not standing in your worth? Where are you compromising your creativity? Do you feel challenged to stand in your worth? If it’s over active – where are you taking on too much in your life (projects or people)

🌺 once you have really gained awareness of the feelings – complete a gentle womb balance practice

🦋 envisage a golden thread flowing from your womb space into the earth and- on the inhales allow the energy of Mother Earth to flow into your womb space, do this for about 10 long breaths

🦋then envisage a golden thread up, up into the sky – on your inhales draw energy down from Father Sky to again fill your womb space

🦋 now a sacred union of masculine and feminine energy has occurred in your womb space

🦋now… on the inhale draw up energy through your womb from the earth to the sky and then exhale the energy from the sky to the earth in a loop…

🦋place an intention that your ovarian energy is balanced and then close your practice when you feel ready…

 How does this work if you do not have ovaries?

Ok so going back to those who do not have a womb, those who have missing genitalia or those who do not identify with their womb space.

Again, I’d like to reference the fact that regardless of where we feel this energy, it is still flowing through us day in and day out. You can still reference the energy that is cultivated in our ovaries and think about where you are limiting, blocking, oversharing your energy with others/yourself.

Use this practice even if you do not have a womb space and visualise the womb space and really take the time to envisage your womb, your ovaries and how the energy is flowing within you.

Again, reach out if this is something that you are struggling with and I can help you do the visualisation!

And finally…

Harnessing the power of your womb is so crucial to our divinity as womxn. The balance of energy, the divine union of the masculine and feminine energy within each of us creates a dramatic calling in and creation of all that we wish to manifest in our lives.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Many blessings, Samar

Jenni x

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