A love letter… to me

I am doing a 10 day self-love challenge with a group. The first task is a love letter to myself. Maybe you can join me with your own…

Focus on the following:

  • How amazing you are
  • Your best qualities
  • Things you’re great at
  • All the amazing things you have done in this lifetime
  • The things you’re most proud of

Finish with gratitude and thanks for all that you are x

Dear me,

I wanted to write you a letter to let you know how much I love you and how proud of you I am. You moved to Spain less than a year ago in the midst of so much stress and anxiety but also so much love – do you know how brave that was?

You have been fearless in your pursuit of self, of love in all areas of your life and trying all the new things! Every day is a brand new chance for connection, learning and power within yourself and that is just wonderful.

I see you out there becoming more and more like the woman that I know you to be – full of purpose, passion and love. I see this reflected in the conversations that you have with people, with your family and friends. I see you taking the chance to set up your own business, which fills you with power and allows you to pass that power onto other women – it’s wonderful.

I see you sometimes struggling with working it all out – trying to see how all the dots fit together, but rest in the knowledge that they will, whatever that looks like! Don’t worry – you have the universe on your side, the Goddess walking beside you, supporting you.

You have a passion for life, for helping, for caring and celebrating not only all the people you encounter in life but also for yourself. You constantly seek to challenge yourself, to challenge others and encourage people around you to be their very best selves and that is beautiful.

You may not realise this but you have accomplished so much in the (nearly!) 32 years in this body, on this planet. You have had amazing jobs working with wonderful people, you have created beautiful friendships, you have grown as a woman, you have found your place in the spiritual and physical world and you have found love. All of these things have challenged you, inspired you and created a universe for yourself in which you are growing every day.

I know sometimes you feel tired or worried about the future, but rest in the knowledge that you are supported, celebrated and valued by the guides, angels and God and Goddess of centuries past – you can be and do all that you wish, do not forget that.

I love you and am so proud of you always.

All my love, today and always

Me x

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